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MONT 8 ft. x 24 ft. Greenhouse - Premium Edition

Original price $6,799.99 - Original price $6,799.99
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$6,799.99 - $6,799.99
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Color: Black
Size: 8ft. x 24ft.

The Monticello Premium is a commercial-grade, extendable hobby greenhouse designed to last for years. It uses a professional grade 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate for energy-efficient, lower-cost gardening year-round.


  • Quick assembly construction
  • Professional grade 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate wall and roof
  • Workbench system
  • Interior shading system
  • Programmable watering system
  • Greenhouse potting sink
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame construction
  • A snow load capacity of 24lbs/sq. ft.
  • Wind load of 65 MPH
  • 7ft 6in interior roof peak
  • Large double doors, 6ft high x 4 & ½ ft opening
  • Expandable- 4ft extension available for purchase
  • Accessories available separately 
  • 10-year full warranty (strongest in the industry)
  • Free shipping in the contiguous 48 states

The Monticello is a commercial-grade, extendable hobby greenhouse designed to last for years.

The Monticello is proudly made in the USA and designed by the best engineers in the industry.

It uses US-grade extruded aluminum for the highest quality performance under extreme weather. It operates on more than 40 lbs. more aluminum than the average imported greenhouse, allowing it to hold 24lbs/sq. Ft. of snow and resist winds up to 65 MPH.

It's also electrostatically painted Black and guaranteed to contain 0.0% lead for long-lasting durability.

While most hobby greenhouses on the market use cheaper, thinner walls and roofing materials, the Monticello uses professional grade 8mm twin-wall polycarbonate. This thickness is the same as used in commercial greenhouses.

The twin-wall polycarbonate acts as a double pain window keeping cooler air in during warm months and insulating the greenhouse from cold air in the wintertime. This feature makes the Monticello more efficient to grow in than other greenhouses. The twin-wall polycarbonate also cut down electric bills for those who choose to grow year-round.

Another feature to love about Monticello greenhouses is the 7ft 6in interior roof peak. This height makes it comfortable to work inside. It also helps with displacing heat within the greenhouse.

The Monticello is also extendable. You can purchase a 4ft extension kit as your needs grow over time.

We back Monticello with the strongest warranty in the industry (10 yrs.) on the frame and polycarbonate.

If you are looking for an affordable, durable, and hassle-free greenhouse system, this is the greenhouse for you.

Why Monticello?

The Monticello is proudly made in the USA and designed by the best engineers in the industry.

Its patented attachment system eliminates hundreds of parts, making assembly possible within three days on a prepped location.

Don't let the ease of construction fool you. Monticello greenhouses are sturdy, permanent structures that will give you years of satisfaction.

Monticello units allow for easy expansion of the greenhouse to any length you desire. It provides excellent insulation factors, saving you money on energy.

We are confident that you'll be happy with our product. That's why every Monticello Branded Greenhouse comes with a 10-year warranty, the strongest in the industry.
• Made in the US
• Uses commercial grade, 8mm Polycarbonate
• Provides 100% protection against UV rays
• Extendable
• Comes with 10-year full warranty

Key Features of Monticello Greenhouses:
• Heavy-duty extruded aluminum frame
• Black electrostatically painted frame
• Set of double doors (assembled)
• 2ft x 2ft roof vent with automatic opener
• Integrated dual rainwater gutter system
• Integrated flush base design
• Hinged Lockable Double Doors (Patent Pending Twist & Lock single bolt)
• Expandable- 4ft extension available for purchase
• Accessories available separately
• 10-year full warranty (strongest in the industry)

Accessories Included Basic Premium Mojave Growers
Aluminum Frame
PC Panels
Integrated dual rainwater gutter system
Hinged Lockable Double Doors (Patent Pending Twist & Lock single bolt)
Work Bench System
Interior Shading System
Programable Watering System
Greenhouse Potting Sink
Thermostatically Controlled (Solar Powered) Ventilation System
Solid Tinted Roof Panels
Work Bench System
RSI Vegi-Bee mechanical pollinator system
Walls and Roof Panels Made for Privacy (Not see through)
Light Diffusing Walls and Roof Panels
Programmable and Customizable Drip Irrigation System
Electric Ventilation system with thermostat
Folding work bench system
Thermostatically controlled commercial heating system (17,000 BTU’s)


Size 8'W x 24'L x 7.6'H
Door Dimensions 4.5'W x 6'H
Roof Peak 7'6"
Sidewall Height 4'8"
Floor Space 99 sq. ft.
Expansion 4' expansion kits
Panel Thickness 8mm twin-wall Polycarbonate
Other Sizes 8'W x 4'L x 7.6'H

8'W x 8'L x 7.6'H

8'W x 12'L x 7.6'H

8'W x 16'L x 7.6'H

8'W x 20'L x 7.6'H


Roof /Wall Material Polycarbonate
Wind Resistance 65 mi/h
Snow Load 24lbs/sq. ft. (1,536 lbs)
Frame Material Extruded aluminum
Frame Color Aluminum (w/ natural protective coating
Black (Electrostatically Painted)
Base Integrated base allows for
direct anchoring to the ground
Assembly Time 2-4 Days
Average Yearly Cost $100 - $150
Warranty 10 year warranty on frame & polycarbonate
  • Heavy-Duty Design

  • Extendable & Customizable

  • Wind Resistant up to 65MPH

  • Snow Load Up To 24 lbs/sq. ft.