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Everest 25’ x 98’ Commercial Tunnel Greenhouse

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Size: 25' × 98'

The Everest Greenhouse is a large commercial tunnel greenhouse that is heavy-duty and built to withstand and help your plants grow in all weather conditions. It features a highly durable galvanized steel frame and 10mm double-wall polycarbonate panels. It’s built stronger than other commercial greenhouses with a reinforced frame with arched girders for additional support. 


  • 10mm Double-wall polycarbonate panels 
  • Comes with 2 doors and 2 double-door games (one on each end wall)
  • Comes in multiple sizes 
  • Galvanized steel structure
  • Maximum snow load of 480 kg/m² (98 psf)
  • Wind Resistance up to 24 m/s
  • Tunnel design makes for easy maintenance
  • Rust-resistant frame 
  • Extendable length
  • 10-year warranty

    The Everest Tunnel Greenhouse is a durable and all-season greenhouse.

    The greenhouse is equipped with 10mm double-wall polycarbonate panels and sidewalls and end walls. These walls are great for durability and insulation making them great for all weather conditions.

    This commercial greenhouse is also built to last with galvanized steel frame and a reinforced steel frame offering additional support. This greenhouse is hard to compete with in terms of wind resistance and snow load. It features an outstanding and unmatched snow load of 480 kg/m² (98 psf) and wind resistance of 24 m/s.

    The Everest greenhouse features two doors and two double-door gates. This greenhouse is unique in that it features one door on either end wall which allows for easy entry from either end wall. This is a unique feature that is not standard with most other greenhouses on the market.

    This greenhouse also comes standard with multiple roof vents. Additional vents can be installed on the greenhouse. The greenhouse comes with automatic and manual vents that can be installed on the roof vent of the greenhouse.

    Forget about complicated instructions or difficult assembling greenhouses. This greenhouse is easy to assemble with pre-made holes and easy to assemble instructions. Although this is a commercial greenhouse it's easy to assemble.

    Key Features

    • 10mm Double-wall polycarbonate panels

    • Comes with 2 doors and 2 double-door games (one on each end wall)

    • Comes in multiple sizes

    • Galvanized steel structure

    • Maximum snow load of 480 kg/m² (98 psf)

    • Wind Resistance up to 24 m/s

    • Tunnel design makes for easy maintenance

    • Rust-resistant frame

    • Extendable length

    • 10-year warranty

    Assembled Dimensions (L x W x H) 25’ x 98’ x 12.5’
    Wall Panel Thickness 10mm Double-Wall
    Wall-Panel Material Double-Wall Polycarbonate
    Wind Resistance 24 m/s
    Snow Load 480 kg/m² (98 psf)
    Frame Material Galvanized Steel
    Everest 25’ x 98’
    • Heavy-Duty Reinforced Design

    • Extendable & Customizable

    • Wind Resistance up to 24 m/s

    • Snow Load Up to 480 kg/m²


    The Farmer collection of greenhouses is a compact and practical solution to gardening flowers, fruits, or vegetables all season long.

    By combining smart engineering with impressive design, Farmer Greenhouses are one of the most durable and versatile greenhouse solutions on the market.

    The Farmer greenhouse is unique due to its extendable length and highly adaptable design to suit all your urban gardening needs.
    Farmer greenhouses can also take one of the highest snow and wind loads among all greenhouse kits on the market.

    Its heavy duty, rust, and snow resistant steel frame provides assurance that your garden will remain safe even during the most extreme winter conditions.

    Sigma greenhouses are:

    • Heavy Duty
    • Made of Galvanized Steel
    • Maintenance-free
    • Provides 100% protection against UV rays
    • Use heavy duty 10 mm Polycarbonate

    Shipping costs for Sungrow greenhouses are calculated based on location and order size. Most shipments across Canada and the US are between $250 and $450.

    We provide a custom quote for all commercial greenhouses.

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    Orders placed on a weekend or a Public holiday will not begin processing until the next business day. Generally, orders are prepared in 24 to 48 hours and shipped within 2-4 business days.

    Greenhouse orders larger than 90 lbs will be shipped using ground LTL shipping.

    Farmer Greenhouses are manufactured in Europe.

    Yes. Farmer greenhouses hold a snow load of 140 kg / m² and are maintenance-free in the winter.

    Farmer greenhouse construction is sturdy and resists winds up to 24 m/s.