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Bottom Shelf for Riga II

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Bottom shelf for Riga II greenhouse. Suspended with braces allowing for storage of larger equipment or growing underneath. Anodized aluminum frame shelves with twin-wall polycarbonate insets for additional light. 


  • 25” wide and 7’ long
  • Shelf covers only one side of greenhouse
  • Anodized aluminum frame 
  • Polycarbonate twin-wall inserts 

Est. Ship Date: 2-4 Weeks Fulfillment

    Key Features:

    25” wide and 7’ long. 

    Shelf covers only one side of greenhouse

    Anodized aluminum frame 

    Polycarbonate twin-wall inserts


    Shelf Frame Material Anodized Aluminum
    Shelf Insert Material Twin Wall Polycarbonate
    Assembled Width (Ft) 25
    Assembled Length (Ft) 7


    No, but you can purchase a foundation frame separately. You can also purchase the greenhouse kit which includes a bottom shelf, top shelf, and foundation frame.

    Yes, all Riga Greenhouses are built to be last extreme weather conditions. 8mm and 10mm polycarbonate wall panels make it highly durable and provide great insulation against the weather outdoors. 

    Riga greenhouses are designed to give you ideal growing conditions all year long. 

    Assembly instructions should come with your greenhouse shipment. You can also get a digital copy of the greenhouse instructions and instructional videos by contacting our customer service team via photo, chat, or email. 

    Assembly time depends on the number of people assisting as well as the overall size of the greenhouse. In most cases. With two people and an 8’ x 10’ greenhouse, it can take anywhere from 6 hours to 10 hours.

    Yes, you can assemble Riga Greenhouses during winter but the parts will be stiffer. In particular, the polycarbonate panels need to be bent to fit into place. It’s recommended that you store the panels inside to keep them warm before installation. 

    Riga greenhouses are very durable and can withstand significant snow loads. The Riga can withstand 35 psf. 

    How much wind can the Riga Greenhouse withstand? 

    The Riga Greenhouse can withstand wind gust up to 120 MPH for 2-3 seconds.

    The Riga Greenhouse does not come with a floor or base. You can purchase a foundation frame for the greenhouse. 

    No, the Riga greenhouse comes with only one door but there is an option for a door extension kit. The Riga Greenhouse comes with a large window on the back wall for improved ventilation.

    The stability and long-term service of a greenhouse relies heavily on the preparation of a firm foundation for placement and fixing. If you install a greenhouse on a ground with low moisture content it is highly recommended to use a ground cover or weed barrier, which will allow water to drain through the fabric while keeping weeds from growing.

    It can be anchored to a foundation, depending on the greenhouse, some have compatible holes at the bottom of the greenhouse base, and some have their own integrated anchoring.

    Yes, the greenhouse can be anchored to a concrete slab. It can be anchored directly to the ground using ground stakes (ground stakes are not supplied with the greenhouse kits).